Floor Mats Help Schools Go Green, from the Ground Up

July 13, 2009 | Written By:

By Cynthia San Miguel, HSC Intern

The Andersen Company, a manufacturer of eco-friendly floor mats, is a green team supporter of HSC’s Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. (Mats, especially at building entrances, can play an important role in school green cleaning programs by trapping dirt before it even enters the building.) The company uses recycled rubber and post consumer fabrics in its Eco-Premier line and established the Green MATters committee, which finds eco-friendly ways to conduct business.

Christie Cline is the office manager at The Andersen Company located in Dalton, Georgia.


How did Andersen become involved in green mats?

Actually, we pursed the initiative because it’s the right thing to do. Bill Tillery, our corporate engineer, was the champion of this cause. He’s the driving force behind the green initiative.


Why did you choose to become involved with HSC?

We became aware of Healthy Schools Campaign through the recommendation of Steve Ashkin.  We learned what a good job Healthy Schools Campaign is doing – HSC is such a good fit for our “Greener and Cleaner” mat line and eco-friendly business initiatives.


Why are green mats an interest to you as a company?

Green mats are an interest because of the sustainability of our planet.  We did not want our mats to be put in landfills. We were part of a state initiative to grind up mats — that way, we can reuse the rubber and keep it out of landfills. Also, it’s efficient in business practices; there is cost savings for our company and customers.


What is the difference between a regular mat and a green mat?

Regular mats are not as eco-friendly and the rubber does not break down. Our eco-friendly mats use recycled rubber and 100 percent post-consumer fabric.


What is your most popular green mat?

Our Eco-Premier line is selling very well; it’s durable. We sell these to schools and across the entire market.


Have you seen an increase in purchases of green mats?

We have seen an increase; it’s new to the industry.


Do you plan to add more eco-friendly mats in the future?

We have a second line, Enviro Plus, coming out in July.


What is the Green MATters committee?

Green MATters is within the company. We have representatives from each department. Every other week we meet to discuss green initiatives and a better way of doing the things we are already doing.

To learn more about The Andersen Company and HSC's Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, visit www.greencleanschools.org.

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