Congrats, Healthy Schools Marathon Runners!

October 08, 2010 | Written By:

A huge congratulations and thank-you to the amazing runners of the HSC marathon team! This Sunday Oct. 10, the team will run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in support of healthy kids and a clean environment. Team members, including deputy director Mark Bishop and board member Danielle Wiley, will be raising funds to support HSC's programs — and will be awesome role models for school kids everywhere who love to run!

If you're watching the marathon in Chicago this weekend, be sure to give an extra cheer when you see the HSC runners! Or join us at the charity block party at mile 14.


Plus: Check out “26.2 Miles of Motivation: Why I’m Running a Marathon for Healthy Schools Campaign” by HSC 2008 marathon team member Anne Honzel.

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