Happy Healthy Third Birthday!

June 29, 2009 | Written By:

By Mark Bishop, Deputy Director

Last week, Henry
turned three! My wife and I struggled with how to have a birthday party
that wouldn't be filled with junk food — but a party that also didn't
feel forced.

First of all, last December we went to Mexico and Henry fell in love with piñatas.
It was all he wanted for his birthday. If you watch the video, you'll
see him gush over all the candy that pours out at the end. It's really
cute, but it makes the foodie side of me cringe a bit.

Well, you can't say no to a piñata. But you can say no to all the candy. We simply substituted raisin boxes, granola bars, organic lollipops
(yes, I know it's still a sugary lollipop – but we're not trying to
completely eliminate all sugar, just to make better choices) real fruit leather, and some toys like drawing pads and foam dice.

I'd say that putting healthier options inside was not a drawback at all. It was great fun.


please don't think the entire party was about healthy food. We could
say no to a candy filled piñata, but we couldn't say no to a piece of
birthday cake


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