Help Us Cook up Change: Invite Your Legislator to Lunch!

June 03, 2013 | Written By:

On June 11, legislators on Capitol Hill will be surprised to find a new chef in town. High school chefs from Cooking up Change, that is.

On June 11, legislators who dine at the Longworth Cafeteria on Capitol Hill will be surprised to find a new chef in town. High school student chefs from around the country are serving up creative meals where our nation’s lawmakers eat their lunches, all in an effort to reverse childhood obesity, promote nutrition education, and raise awareness of the need for healthy school food.

These student chefs are are traveling to Washington, DC to compete on June 10 in Cooking up Change®, a healthy cooking contest presented by Healthy Schools Campaign that challenges high school student chefs to create a healthy, great-tasting school meal that meets high nutrition standards with limited ingredients and a tight budget. The next day, these students will be participating in a legislative briefing on the need for more investment in nutritious school food. We are encouraging lawmakers to join them for this very important conversation about the importance of investing in better school kitchen facilities, healthier schools, and students who are better prepared to learn.

After the briefing, a dish from each Cooking up Change team will be available at the Longworth Cafeteria, and we’re asking our friends to tell their legislators to go down to the cafeteria, try the food and join the conversation about healthy school food.

We’re calling it Invite Your Legislator to Lunch!

Now, you don’t have to get sandwiches with your senator or salads with your representative, but there are many easy ways to raise awareness around this event. You can invite your legislator in one of several ways:

Call them! It’s easy to look up who your legislator is online and call their office, and hearing the human voice goes a long way.

Send an email or fax. The Take Action page provides some sample language, but feel free to make it your own!

Tweet them. If they have an official Twitter account, a quick 140-character reminder can’t hurt!

Post about Legislator to Lunch on their official Facebook pages. This also gets the word out to other constituents. We have an image on our Facebook page you can share!

It’s so easy to get involved, and our Cooking up Change chefs would greatly appreciate your support. For more information and updates from the competition, keep watching the blog or visit, and to be part of the conversation, follow the #CookingupChange hashtag on Twitter. Thank you for being a part of this national movement!

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