One More Day: Join HSC & Groupon to Make Play Part of the School Day

September 09, 2010 | Written By:

We’re thrilled that our two-day campaign to bring back recess is well underway! With the help of Groupon and The Point, HSC is helping individuals team up and make recess a reality for Chicago schoolchildren.

Please make a contribution to this initiative and make the school day healthier — and more enjoyable! — for kids who need the fun and physical activity that recess provides. You can join through the link below or visit The Point for more details.

Why is recess so key? Physical activity in schools isn't just playtime — it brings serious benefits for kids’ health. Last year's study in the journal Pediatrics also linked recess to better classroom behavior and learning. When kids break for recess, they're exercising developing social skills and learning to stay fit, in addition to giving their brains a chance to rest before the next lesson.

HSC was spotlighted in the Huffington Post last week as one of several nationwide initiatives making sure that recess never dies. HSC provides resources such as The Quick & Easy Guide to School Wellness to support schools and last year organized thousands of Chicago parents to speak up about just how much their kids need recess. Chicago Public Schools heard the parent voices and is working with HSC to identify and overcome the barriers that are holding schools back from recess.

You can learn more about HSC's commitment to recess through previous blog posts, or check out our Quick & Easy Guide to School Wellness for more ways to bring physical activity into the classroom.

Please consider making a contribution and telling a friend about this important two-day effort. (Then go outside and play!)

HSC would also like to recognize and  1 World Sports for its partnership and support in developing its recess program.

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