HSC Recognizes Innovations for Wellness & Environment

March 29, 2010 | Written By:

Healthy Schools Campaign is pleased to recognize three innovators in the 2009-2010 Innovation Showcase! Congratulations to:

conducted a nationwide search for new and innovative products and
services that help create healthier school environments. The search
focused specifically on two areas: the environmental impact of a
school, and the way that a school supports healthy eating and physical
activity for students. Companies from all corners of the marketplace
were invited to share their unique inventions and innovations. We are
pleased to recognize three innovators:

Activeion Pro is a hand-held spray bottle that converts tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitizer.

enables facility management teams to clean surfaces in schools without
using chemicals. ActiveIon “gives true meaning to 'innovation,'” said
showcase judge Joe Agron of American School & University. “It's
especially applicable in the education environment — a fascinating
product.” Learn more »

Canteen Waterwerkz
vending delivers healthy chilled beverages in an environmentally
friendly way using a machine that mixes water-based drinks in
re-sealable pouches, chills and serves them in seconds.

serves good-for-you drinks with less packaging and more energy
efficiency than a conventional vending machine. “It's exciting to see a
product design that takes into account both kids' health and the health
of our environment” said showcase judge Mark Bishop of HSC.

Peaceful Playgrounds is a do-it-yourself kit that allows schools to transform their playground or schoolyard with colorful, active games.

kit helps teachers create play environments that reduce bullying and
injuries while increasing physical activity. Peaceful Playgrounds is
“an excellent innovative idea on a number of levels,” said showcase
judge Jay Snyder of the Association of School Business Officials
International. “It makes recess more of a learning and creative
experience for the students. It's safe for the students and the
environment. And it's easy to clean, which is very important to the
custodians, directors of facilities, and to the school and school
districts in general.”
Learn more »

The products spotlighted in the Innovation Showcase were selected by a judging panel with representatives of HSC, American School & University and the Association of School Business Officials International. The judges selected products based on the creativity of the innovation and the potential positive impact. Learn more at www.healthyschoolscampaign.org/?innovation.

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