School Nurse Leadership Award

February 05, 2014 | Written By:

New school nurse leadership award from HSC.

We’re pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for our first annual School Nurse Leadership Award. We know school nurses are known mostly for their selfless and caring acts — and it’s time we recognize their dedication and commitment. HSC wants to honor these unsung heroes whose leadership enriches the school learning environment every day.

With the generous support of School Health, we are able to provide great prizes and recognition to five awardees that include :

  • A $500 gift card to the School Health catalog for purchase of products in their schools.

  • Winners’ stories published on the HSC blog and in School Health magazine.

  • Winners will get to participate in and present during HSC’s school nurse leadership webinar series.

  • Winners will be announced on the HSC website and in communications, including newsletters and social media.

Through the award process, HSC will highlight exceptional examples of leadership and innovation, and we will identify areas where school nurses have made substantive changes to their school, district or state policy to better support student health.

Since 2006, HSC’s School Nurse Leadership Program has provided school nurses with the knowledge and training necessary to become effective advocates for changes that support healthier school environments. HSC has trained school nurses who have gone on to become champions for health and wellness in their schools. Program participants have advocated in their schools and districts for changes in food, fitness and indoor environments, including establishing wellness teams, instituting nutrition guidelines in their schools, and starting family education initiatives such as yoga classes, teaching parents how to help their children become more active

Nurses are indeed leaders who step up time and again to make schools healthy places for all students. If you are a nurse leader or you know one, submit a School Nurse Leadership Award application today.

The deadline for submitting is March 7, 2014.

School Nurse Leadership Award applications must meet the following criteria:

  1. Current and active national and/or state level membership in the Association of School Nurses

  2. Current employment as a school nurse (RN)

  3. Either building or district nurse

  4. Must have demonstrated support from a principal or school administrator in the form of a recommendation letter.

We can’t wait to announce the winners of this exciting opportunity and showcase the contributions of outstanding school nurses.

Apply here!

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