Summer Health and Fitness Boosts

June 15, 2012 | Written By:

By Lizzy Parker, HSC communications intern

Lizzy Parker is a rising junior at Colorado College with a passion for health and fitness. In January of 2012, she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As an intern at HSC this summer, she looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for and knowledge about physical activity—and, that it can be fun!

Here at HSC we believe physical activity should be part of everyday life!  Consider adding these activities to your summer queue – they can be practical for a typical weekday or Saturday afternoon with the family. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

  • Free outdoor music festivals are everywhere this time of year. No better time to enjoy the outdoors and amp up that heart rate by getting your groove on. Join your kids in dancing!
  • Instead of driving, ride bikes to the grocery store or farmers market. (Take empty backpacks for hands-free convenience!)
  • The next few months are packed with fun runs and charity walks. Commit to completing one this summer with your kids. It is a chance to get involved with the community, have fun, and contribute to a great cause while modeling the importance of physical activity.
  • Have access to your local botanic gardens? Make a day out of it and take a picnic, walk around, and enjoy the scenery. 
  • Rainy day and headed for a movie at the mall? Park at a distance, get out the umbrellas, and move your body a little before sitting down for the film. 
  • Rainy day and stuck at home? Battle boredom by throwing on those rain boots and taking it outside. There is something satisfying about hopping from puddle to puddle!
  • Roller blade through a local park or even your neighborhood if safe sidewalks or trails are available. Take this is an opportunity to explore new parts of your area. You may find a park you never knew existed!
  • Wind down from a hectic day with some stretching. There are plenty of yoga videos for beginners online (like this one), as well as free podcasts on iTunes. 

What are your favorite kid-friendly physical activity breaks in the summer?

Disclaimer: The recommendations on this blog are not meant to be a substitute for recommendations from your physician. Take care to consult with your physician if you have questions or concerns about beginning a new exercise regimen. As always, if something hurts, don’t do it. Know your body’s limits and refrain for pushing yourself too far, too fast.  

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