Watermelon Bowls… Because Presentation Counts!

December 11, 2009

By Mark Bishop, Deputy Director

What I've found
with feeding my three year old is that presentation matters.
Presentation is what takes a meal from a regular plate of food to a
treat of yumminess. And it makes it fun. That's why I make a face out
of raisins in Henry's oatmeal, make “ants on a log,”
or make baked chicken pieces that are perfectly finger sized for eating.

That's also why I purchased a mini watermelon that I saw in the market the other day.

I never have problems feeding Henry fruit, but a special mini
watermelon bowl turns a bowl of fruit into a special treat. I mean,
come on, it's a watermelon bowl! How often do you eat from a cool
watermelon bowl?

What fun presentations of food do you serve your kids?