Green Cleaning Victory in Iowa

April 19, 2010 | Written By:

by Laura Fillenwarth

Iowa has joined the ranks of states requiring green
cleaning in schools!

The General Assembly recently passed legislation requiring
schools, community colleges, and other state agencies to comply with
environmentally preferable cleaning and maintenance policies. After July
1, 2012 these buildings will be required to only purchase cleaning and
maintenance products that meet nationally recognized standards.

This bill will make a big difference right away: green cleaning
is an easy way to protect the health of students and staff while
minimizing a school's environmental impact. Every school day, more than
53 million students and 5 million staff members step foot into schools.

HSC supports state-level green cleaning
legislation to promote healthy indoor environments for these students
and staff, reduce chemical exposure, cut back on waste and improve
sustainability efforts.

Kudos to the Iowa General Assembly for enacting this important
health-promoting legislation. Iowa’s children, teachers and school staff
will thank you every day they step into the classroom.

To learn more about green cleaning in schools, visit

Plus: Interested in bringing green clean
schools legislation to your state? Consider attending HSC’s Green Clean Schools National Summit in

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