New Video Series Shows Just How Simple Green Cleaning Can Be

March 14, 2016 | Written By:

“What can you do today that can have a big impact?”

Find out the surprisingly simple answer to that question and more in our new video series. We teamed up with the Educational Facilities Clearinghouse to produce a series of online videos that make the case for greener, healthier cleaning in schools and outline the simple steps schools can take to get started immediately. These videos are based on our 5 Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools and feature Gene Woodard, director of the building services department at the University of Washington, as the narrator.

Woodard is a member of the Green Clean Schools Leadership Council, a group of leading facility managers who are helping us change the way schools are cleaned across the country through mentorship and tailored program assessments. Gene also hosted the 2015 Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit at University of Washington’s gorgeous Seattle campus. Sign up to be the first to learn about two exciting Green Clean Schools events Healthy Schools Campaign will be hosting in 2016!

We love how these videos present the case for green cleaning in a palatable, sharable format. In the first video, Gene outlines the link between poor indoor air quality, sick students and teachers, and poor academic performance. He then explains some of the simplest steps a cleaning program can take to start their journey toward a healthier school environment. Each subsequent video gives an engaging, easy-to-follow overview of each of the five steps outlined in detail on our website.

The videos are intended to be shared with school stakeholders via email or at meetings, played during training sessions, and even shared on social media to spread the word about green cleaning throughout the larger school community.

View and share all six videos through the EFC’s YouTube channel. You can easily download our 5 Steps to Green Cleaning in Schools to dive deeper into each of these topics.

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