Sandoval School Assistant Principal Shares the Benefits of Breakfast in the Classroom

April 25, 2012 | Written By:

This is my intro to my blog here about breakfast…

We recently sat down with assistant principal Caridid Garcia of Socorro Sandoval School, one of the early adopters of the Breakfast in the Classroom program, to gain insight on how the program works at the southwest Chicago school.

Socorro Sandoval School provides breakfast for nearly 1,200 students each day. The multi-track school  adopted the program in 2009 and rolled out the program after a few months of planning. 

Garcia credits the program's success and smooth transition to staff communication and collaboration. “Now it just flows smoothly,” she said. “Our kids know. Kids, after a week of doing something, they just catch on.” Check out the video below for assistant principal Garcia's reflections on the benefits that Breakfast in the Classroom has brought to Sandoval School.

Many thanks to assistant principal Caridid Garcia for sharing her story!

Plus! Visit to learn about the Breakfast in the Classroom initiative in Chicago.

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